America’s first lady Michelle Obama is an undisputed role model for many women all over the world. She is known to love gardening, to start the Let’s Move initiative to fight childhood obesity and for her healthy lifestyle advocacy.

Here are 12 tips straight from the White House, gathered by, that we could all incorporate into our daily lives:

1. Eat dinner as a family.
2. Maintain a holistic view on health – the first lady stresses that good health is a combination of positive physical, mental, and emotional states of being.
3. Prioritize yourself – put yourself first on your priority list, especially when it comes to exercise.
4. Eat fruits and vegetables at every meal. And yes, indulge occasionally.
5. Give in to some of your guilty pleasures – Mrs. Obama is known for watching The Real Housewives.
6. Eliminate processed foods – get rid of packaged lunches, canned juices, and other processed foods from your diet, it will effortlessly reduce your intake of unhealthy fats, sugars and salt and reduce cravings.
7. Educate and empower yourself – many foods are advertised as healthy but actually, do more harm than good. Her advice is to learn how to read and interpret food labels, think for yourself, and do your own research if you have to.
8. Start healthy traditions.
9. Switch up your workout routine.
10. Don’t fear aging.
11. Early to bed, early to rise.
12. Look on the bright side – Mrs. Obama is often seen dancing and laughing and is an example of positivity, injecting fun into life, and never taking ourselves too seriously.