Why should you organize an event in Riga? Are there any possibilities to support health and wellbeing for conference participants? To answer these questions and find more about trendy restaurants in Riga, we have spoken to  Edgars Kuzmans, Partner & Creative Director at 3K Management, a full service event management company in Riga.

1. In your opinion, what are three unbeatable reasons to organise an event in Riga?

Check our company name for the answer! 🙂 But if seriously, I could base my answer on our corporate creed and slogan that consist of 3 virtues, values and key elements in our daily work – VISION. PASSION. PERFECTION.

Everything that my team does and what we generally achieve here in Latvia is based on these principles. Yes, we are still a relatively new spot on the global MICE map. But that is just perfect for any event, because you can easily surprise your guests with Riga and Latvia. And as from my personal experience – they always receive and experience more than expected!

2. An event organizer wants to offer something special for the health and wellbeing of his conference participants – what do you suggest to him?

Well, first of all – choose a suitable destination! And guess what – Latvia is the second greenest country in the world according to global “Environmental Performance Index”.
I still get veggies from my grandmas garden, grow greens on my windowsill and pick mushrooms in the closest forest for dinner. For us eco & bio is not a trend. It’s lifestyle!

But speaking about healthy conferences, look at our latest case  – annual conference for an IT giant organised in a sports hall with Latvian Olympic and Paralympic champions as inspirational speaker and healthy smoothy bar instead of a coffee break.

In my opinion, breaking the rules of standard conferences and getting the participants out of their comfort zone is a must towards a truly delivered message and money worth spending on a meeting.

The event is not the end of the road, it can only be a stepping stone for new goals. This is why we plant a tree for every accomplished 3K MANAGEMENT project! So far (and with the help our our clients!) we already have a small 3K forest.

3. What is your personal “hot tip” for a trendy restaurant which can also be used for Incentive or conference groups?

I can’t deny my absolute gastro-love for one of Rigas most famous dining spots and forerunners of contemporary Latvian cuisine – restaurant Kaļķu vārti un its chef Raimonds Zommers (who by the way will be hosting Dinner in the Sky above Riga this summer).
I visit them on a regular basis for the last 8 years and they still manage to surprise me every single time! http://www.kalkuvarti.lv

But the coolest thing about Rigas restaurant life is that the trendiest spots are even too hot to name! Pop up restaurants for oyster evenings in abandoned industrial buildings or molecular dining in the middle of a cornfield is my idea of a perfect dinner in Riga. And one of such dinners can be privately yours! So let me tease you just a little – https://vimeo.com/103332710

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