published their 4 app selection, that can help improve business operations and we found them very interesting. You can find them for download either on Google Play or Itunes.

1. Wunderlist
As a project management platform, Wunderlist starts with a master folder for each overarching task. Then, you as user create separate to-do items for each facet of the project. For example, one of the main folders might be called “website”. Within that folder can be all sorts of items such as blog posting, news updates, fixes, etc.

A few additional features include email management and the ability to set up recurring tasks and maintain collaboration on files.

2. AntiSocial
This app does not aim to abolish smartphones, its mission is to help people be more aware and enjoy social media, but at the same time prevent and manage the effects of overuse.

The program tallies up how many times you unlock your smartphone, the minutes you spend on social media each day and which apps are consuming your time the most. Using an algorithm, AntiSocial gives you a score based on your overall usage and compares it to those of your peers. You can use this information to block the apps wasting too much of your time, to eliminate distractions at the source.

3. Adobe Sign
An electronic signature app, which also allows you to track each step of the document you send. You will be notified when it is opened, signed and returned. With this information, you can find the most optimal times to send documents and make sure the entire process is done quickly, so you can close deals without any hiccups.

4. Vend
Vend is an outstanding app that allows businesses – especially retailers and wholesalers – to turn their mobile devices into a point-of-sale system and conduct business from virtually anywhere. With an incredibly intuitive design, it offers your entire staff the ability to learn the ins and outs within minutes. It works with all sorts of receipt printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners to cut down on equipment costs. Vend enables you to manage your inventory, create customer loyalty programs and shed light on sales insights with data-driven results.