Exercise is not for the faint hearted, neither is it doable on a long term for those who don’t know yet how to find their motivation. Research shows we’re talking about more than half of all American adults that find it difficult to excercise the minimum recommended 150 minutes a week.

The Huffington Post presents seven tips backed up by research that show you how to motivate yourself. You might consider practicing the following:

1. Thinking about a moment when you actually enjoyed exercising. Positive thinking about exercise helps create a pattern of continuous working-out.

2. Ask a friend to help and support you.

3. Create a playlist with your favourite tracks.

4. Realize that it’s not just ‘all about genetics’, as there is evidence that healthy behaviors like exercising and healthy eating can actually change the way your genes express themselves.

5. Focus more on the process than any external outcomes; set for example goals about the process of exercise, not the external results such as losing a certain amount of weight.

6. Avoid exercising after willpower-draining activities.

7. Find something about your body that you love.

Source and more information in the Huffington Post