We found today the ”Vento” project explained closer in an interesting interview with Polytechnic of Milan professor Paolo Pileri.

The 479 kilometres between Venice and Turin are all on the level, and this makes a long bike track possible. For years the Vento project has been put in place, to provide a bicycle lane for the mentioned distance, like in many of the European countries that have adopted this type of recreational system. Finally, there is a commitment at the present to support the programme, coming from the Italian Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, Graziano Del Rio.

Professor Paolo Pileri about the project: “We have been working on the VENTO project for five years. Five years of hard but wonderful work, the last three of which passed side by side with all the interlocutors in the territory (…) Here our aim was and is to propose something highly reanimating for distant or sluggish territories or the hinterlands.”

Source and more information on the MiCo Milano Congressi blog.

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