As you might remember, with a number of 24 likes and 17 (!) shares, reaching 109 points in total, the winner of our #EURO2016 facebook campaign was GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre!

Among numerous amazing pictures, it was GR’s photo which got the most points and also got to redeem the prize, a story about the venue and its team. We talked to Sales Manager of Events & Congress Department, Ana Božič:

1. You won our facebook competition around the European Championship so let’s make a parallel with football, which is a sport that requires teamwork. How does your team work together? What special service do you and your colleagues provide to organizers of congresses or exhibitions in your congress centre?
True, we do function as a well-coordinated football team. We are passing the ball from attack to defence, all for good results for our clients. For us, to score a goal means to attract the client to the point that they pick us and are satisfied with us during all stages. This, for us, is to win.

Ana Božič, GR – Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre

We assist our clients during all project stages, with a personal, keen, passionate, focused, and empathetic attitude. Where others could, in a bureaucratic manner, refuse to proceed, our response is, ‘Everything is possible’.

2. Can you share a rewarding teamwork experience you have had so far?
This is what the majority of the GR references talk about:
“The venue with several multi-purpose halls offered enough space for the rich and versatile congress programme, as well as for almost 2,000 daily visitors who attended congress exhibitions. The support of the GR team exceeded our expectations, especially the responsiveness, cooperation and kindness of its technical staff who helped us carry out the event on the global level.”

“I want to express my deep recognition to the excellent facilities and highly professional work of the GR team which contributed to the success of the conference. The conference consisted of mainly plenary talks at one central hall but also of several satellite meetings which needed video conferencing services, and of various poster sessions. All events ran extremely smoothly, with good communication technology, fast response and multilingual possibilities.”

And more: References

3. Tell us something about yourself. Why did you choose your present job?
I love challenges, dynamic work, connecting to people. I enjoy working in multi-cultural surroundings and I am aware that change is the only constant in life. My work provides it all.
I also enjoy helping a client to transform four walls and an empty space into an unforgettable event.

4. How much does it typically take for you to prepare a RFP? What do you do differently from other competitors?
Every single RFP is different. Sometimes it takes 3 hours, other times 2 days or even more. It depends on who we get it from and how many services they need from us.
The competition in Ljubljana has become tough and it’s getting tougher but we are pretty confident about our infrastructure and services we provide, so we have no fear.

5. What are usual requirements and challenges of organising a large event?
Multicultural frame and good, transparent communication. Multipurpose halls which sometimes need to be transformed in only two hours; e.g. from a plenary session to a gala dinner set-up.
Demanding technical setting of exhibitions which is a great advantage of the GR since it can offer these services. And, of course, to psychologically endure high season events, so that clients do not notice the exhaustion of everybody involved.

6. What can event attendees do in their free time in Ljubljana? What makes Ljubljana fun and unique?
Ljubljana is truly special, in that it has everything larger cities have but is exceptional with its smallness with the old medieval core under the castle hill, embraced by the river. It is a safe, friendly city with a vibrant cultural pulse including everything from the classics to alternative.

Ljubljana is also known for its ‘green’ guidelines; the European Commission chose the city for the European Green Capital 2016. Nature with plenty of leisure time activities is so close you can reach it by bike.

7. If you were visiting Ljubljana for 24 hours, what is the one thing you would definitely visit?
Do the bike tour and see all the buildings, bridges and other attractions designed by a famous Ljubljana architect, Jože Plečnik.

Your contact at GR – LGR_ang_2jubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre:
Ana Božič
Sales Manager of Events & Congress Department
tel. +386 1 300 26 39

Your contact at Slovenian Convention Bureau:
Miha Kovačič
tel. +386 1 569 1260

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Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
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