During my first visit in Rimini, my colleagues of the Palacongressi venue took me for dinner in one of the nicest restaurants of the area, the La Sangiovese in Arcangelo. When leaving the restaurant after a typical dinner accompanied by their own wines (La Sangiovese, of course) I noticed a small booklet with one of these old farmhouses in the middle of the vineyards – which turned out to be the new Tenuta Saiano agriturismo project, with a small restaurant and 4 guest rooms in the mountains, owned by the La Sangiovese itself. It was new and I was thrilled! This is where I wanted to be next time! And that is where I was next time …

Tatjana Donatiello and Fabio Drudi take care of the project and they look after all steps of work involved in running such an ambitious place in a surrounding of peace and tranquility. The small resort looks like from a magazine for natural lifestyle – one immediately starts dreaming of the simple life in nature … Romantic urban people who usually don’t see the work behind such a beautiful façade … like me.

So I wanted to talk to Tatjana how it feels to live and work in such a beautiful environment, to see why they took up the project and what it means to them!

Here is our talk:

1. When did you and Fabio start this project and what was your idea behind it?
Fabio is a chef and I am from the hotel business; we only started to work on the project in the beginning of 2016. We loved the property on the first sight and want to manage it as the peaceful place for relaxation, for good food and to enjoy the countryside.

2. The resort belongs to the winery of the La Sangiovese Restaurant – what exactly is your job out here?
We take care of everything around here which makes the concept work: we have animals that we grow, the garden to take care of, plants, herbs and partly we also help with the wine. We run the restaurant and look after the guest rooms and the guests of course.

This whole project is an adventure and a big dream – we love to be here. We are not sure yet about the business results (that is the adventure part :), it is hard work and we are responsible for everything.

We grow bio foods, bio wines – all wines sold in the Sangiovese restaurant are grown here.
We have pigs, pigeons, chicken, rabbits and sheep – we make the foods for the animals ourselves and produce the meat products. We can cook vegetarian, but not vegan – we respect our animals and they have a good life until they follow their destination: to gift us with organic salami, lardo and meats which taste incredibly good. We also source producers of high quality organic food around here and buy the stuff we can’t make ourselves, from them – like the cheeses and the bread.

3. What do you like the most in your dream?
We feel really happy to be here after this first half year! The best for us is the landscape surrounding us, the sunset, the garden and the people who come here to enjoy with us the scenery and the nature!

4. What can you offer for organizers of business events in Rimini? Do you have any special features or programs?
Oh yes – we offer plenty of opportunities:
– A Sunday lunch for a business group (the restaurant is only open on the weekends and our garden is the perfect setting for a lunch in the midst of roses and wine. We can have life music and great food is served. It is only 18-20 km from Rimini so the distance is really nothing!
– Wine tasting, teambuilding by working with the animals, horse riding, rafting in Carpena (half an hour from here)
– Our panoramic terrace (behind the building on the hill) has 250 m² and we can organize very nice receptions up there, or a sunset cocktail.

At this point we have only 4 rooms, but we plan a few more and also a pool is planned – we want to build one of the organic swimming ponds near the house (which is indeed an old farmhouse.

So you see there are plenty of great things to do and to plan!

For information please contact
Tatiana Donatiello, email info@tenutasaiano.it
Website: www.tenutasaiano.it/en/la-tenuta/

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