Johanna Fischer, May 5, 2017

These three keywords are used to tag Bratislava, the capital of the Slovak Republic,  in the meeting industry – and we continue to doublecheck what the claim really means to organizers of knowledge – related business events and congresses.

Accessibility was part of our last story about Bratislava on tmf-dialogue, how close the city is located to Vienna Intl. Airport (yes, only half an hour away!) and in general how well the capital of Slovak Republic is connected with the rest of the world. Accessibility is the number one concern for event planners when selecting a new destination, according to many surveys in the industry. We suggest that you might try Bratislava for this very reason for one of your next events!

But it should not only be because of accessibility to select Bratislava over other, better known and maybe more familiar places. The meetings industry is discussing a lot about innovation and new experiences – here is a good chance to find both embedded in a charming old-world environment but with lots of contemporary drive and new concepts. And particularly conveniently situated within Europe!

I have visited Slovakia several times last year and it is a country that is proud of its scientific and research fields and the talent coming from their own universities and also from neighboring countries like Hungary, Poland, Ukraine – which makes it an interesting spot for investors as well. Strong efforts are taken through investment agencies and the government to attract new businesses  and help them with a range of programs to build networks and relationships with different matching industries.

Bratislava, like other cities in New Europe, is keen to attract conference business. Going the extra mile and taking a real effort to promote the city and to work with organizers is a good service approach . As you can see in above brand claim – execution is the third tag used there and both the Convention Bureau as well as local suppliers have gone through training and community building efforts to develop the execution towards highest possible level.

Such new upcoming cities like Bratislava can strongly contribute to corporate events’ key messages: being new, engaged, creative and hospitable, in a stage of transition (like our society in general), but with good value, strong traditions and much to learn about our European culture for all conference or incentive attendees coming to the city. Visiting cities in transition is a very interesting experience – all of what happens now  will be finished sooner or later and finally all the cities are similar – like High Street shops.  It is a now a good time to catch a glimpse of that mix of systems and immediate past and how it is moved towards the future – even if it is not always in accordance with our usual taste and expectation. It can be disruptive, waking up and educative but awesome, heartbreaking and intellectually encouraging at the same time.

Let us come back to the innovation factor in the city of Bratislava:

A core feature is the automobile industry. Ask yourself this: how many European capitals could host a meeting or event for the automotive industry with easy access to production plants making 9 global car brands?

There is exceptional knowledge available in this field. Events related to the automobile  industry find a good and fertile reason to create context with what they do. Global automotive leaders like Volkswagen (producing cars for Volkswagen, Audi, Porsche, ŠKODA and SEAT, directly in Bratislava), Peugeot Citroën, KIA and Jaguar Land Rover have all opted to locate their massive plants around the city because for them precision, attention to detail and focus are non-negotiable – which leads over to the exceptional execution as part of Bratislava’s claim – a good one to assure that all meetings and events are in safe hands!

With young and smart people from allover gathering in Bratislava, the start-up scene is vibrantly building the reputation for the city as an innovation hub., an online tool for audience engagement has built up from zero to a company with world reputation. Bratislava based ESET is a world leader in anti-virus software while Pixel Federation, founded in the city in 2007, develops on-line games played in over 200 countries in the world, just to name 2 examples.

Next week, at IMEX in Frankfurt, there is a great opportunity to talk to Nina Erneker of the Convention Bureau and check some options for your future events. As a planner, do join the tmf-dialogue eventbaxx campaign, where Bratislava is a partner. Set-up an appointment with Nina and get a free voucher for for activating your coupon for Bratislava! Additionally you have the opportunity to win a trip, to experience first-hand what we only can try to express in writing!

Be innovative and open up to new destinations that Europe has to offer! Chose Bratislava for your next event.

More info you find on the CVB website and in the Bratislava MICE brochure