British Comedian Alan Davies was recently interviewed by Angela Wintle in The Telegraph’s Travel section, where he shares his favorite things to do in Wellington, New Zealand.

Here is a short extract of his recommendations. For more, please check out the full article in The Telegraph.

Why Wellington?

I love the relaxed and informal atmosphere. The really big appeal is the great outdoors.

What do you miss most when you’re away?

The scenery; there’s nowhere more beautiful. New Zealanders also do breakfast far better than we do, so visiting cafés in Wellington is a great pleasure. There’s usually avocado, goat’s cheese, tasty fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes, as well as fresh bread and great coffee.  

Where’s the best place to stay?

The Museum Art Hotel (0064 4 802 8900; on Wellington’s waterfront. It offers all the things you’d want from a top-end hotel in a big city – comfortable beds, a really good breakfast and an excellent bar serving great cocktails. But it’s different from the usual luxury hotels because it’s packed with contemporary New Zealand art. I’m not just talking paintings: there are sculptures, classic motorcycles in the foyer – even the light fittings are art statements. You’ll also find unusual art works in your room, a real talking point at breakfast.

Where would you meet friends for a drink?

The Vinyl Bar (0064 4 385 6713; is groovy. Everywhere you look there are vinyl records on display and they serve a wide selection of drinks. The wine in Wellington is fantastic. I get through litres of New Zealand sauvignon blanc when I’m there.

Where is the best place for lunch?

A traditional Japanese restaurant called Kazu (0064 4 802 5298; You can watch the chefs preparing your meal in the open kitchen. 

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