Today I introduce Michael Bobrove of, who I was talking to for my series on healthy meetings. His platform is a super example as of what kind of health offers can be looked at in a destination and which could add both creative as well as healthy elements to a congress – in this case in Japan. If anyone plans a congress or meeting in Japan in near future, please feel free to get in touch – there are many good ideas and unique health related service, merchandise or visits that we both will be happy to set up for you!

Great Health & Wellness Travel Resource for Japan –

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics grow closer and the yen is cheaper than it has been in years, Japan is experiencing a boom in tourism and conferences. The number of overseas tourists has almost doubled in the last three years and is expected to reach 20 million as early as the end of 2015.

The third largest economy in the world has so much to offer to the international traveler, but compared with its smaller Asian neighbors has always been a bit less English-friendly. The government and private industries have taken concerted efforts to make navigating your travels within Tokyo and beyond an easier and more pleasant experience.

With the increase of overseas travelers comes the need for health and wellness services in Japan. We have discovered a useful service that is creating peace of mind for travelers and conference attendees in Japan. was created to provide a selection of quality services to assist both international residents and travelers with health and wellness in the land of the rising sun.

I recently spoke with Michael Bobrove, the CEO of HealthyIM K.K. and the company behind Michael has more than thirty years experience in Japan and leads a multi-cultural team with the mission to keep expats healthy in Asia.

They have assembled a wide array of “Medical Partners” – high quality hospitals and clinics, both big and small with English-speaking doctors and staff.

In addition they have what they call “Healthy Partners”. This is a diverse group of spas, hot springs, gyms, healthy restaurants, massage and relaxation facilities, yoga studios and more.

The HealthyTokyo site is very easy to navigate and their blog is rich with insider tips.

Membership is free and provides access to detailed information about all of the health and wellness partners in their network. They also have a Premium membership that gives members access to a live concierge to make appointments with health and wellness providers both in and out of the HealthyTokyo network.

Premium members also get access to the many special offers and discounts available from the HealthyTokyo partner facilities. The Premium special offers include everything from cancer screening and gym visits to therapeutic massages.

Customized plans are available for conferences and organizations. HealthyTokyo is able to arrange group visits to wellness facilities (shiatsu, acupuncture, hot springs and others) for conference attendees and other business travelers.

This is truly a unique and helpful service for anyone planning to organize conferences and congresses to Japan.

In the next blog, Michael will share a few examples of health services that can easily added to conference planning. Hang out for more info!

Thanks Michael!

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