As announced, we’ve started cherry-picking exotic events for you (pun intended). Did you know that the 8th International Cherry Symposium (Cherry2017) will be held from June 5 to 9, 2017, in Yamagata City in Japan?

Cherry2017 will provide a good opportunity for hundreds of scientists, students, growers, and cherry industries worldwide to present and share their latest findings and knowledge on cherries. Experts from all over the world are speaking on subjects such as:

  • Sweet cherry industry in USA, China, Turkey: current trends and future perspectives
  • Breeding, Genetics and Biotechnology
  • Crop Production and Orchard Management
  • Rootstocks and Varieties Evaluation/Propagation
  • Nutrient and Irrigation
  • Tree Fruit Physiology, Plant Growth, and Floral Biology
  • Physiological Disorder and Pests and Diseases Management
  • Postharvest Technology, Fruit Quality, Health Related Issues

It also turns out sweet cherries have been cultivated in Japan since 1876 and Yamagata Prefecture is the largest cherry producer in the country. ‘Satonishiki’, the main Japanese cherry cultivator, is exclusively grown in Japan. Sweet cherries are very expensive in Japan: the gorgeous bright red ‘Satonishiki’ fruit can be found in special packages at the market, sold at over 50 dollars per kilogram!

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