Condé Nast Traveller released a list of the top 14 emerging destinations worldwide and two of tmf and tmf India’s partners were named!

Baku, Azerbaijan was placed  in spot number 3! The authors recommend to go to the city for a mix of history, culture, and cosmpolitan energy. Baku provides a beautiful mixture of western Europe and the Middle East. A newly enacted e-visa process has made the traveling process even easier than before. Like the Faroe Islands, one of the best parts is that this destination remains unknown to the majority of tourists. When you do decided to visit, historical sites like the Old City (a UNESCO World Heritage site), won’t be overcrowded! Another bit of news: Azerbaijan became a new client of tmf India earlier this year! Our new partner, Pasha Travel LCC will take part in tmf’s flagship event, the EPEX@WOW 2017 in New Delhi and present the destination to Indian and English-speaking Asian Event Planners.

Faroe Islands was placed a bit later at spot 11! The authors recommend to visit the Faroe Islands for a new Nordic adventure in case countries like Iceland seem overcrowded and full of tourists. The scenery is absolutely amazing and seems to be untouched by the human population. Condé Nast writers seem to particularly celebrate the Faroese music and festival scene, naming artists Týr and Eivør, and also encourage a visit to permanent exhibitions of national art.

Check out the rest of the list here!

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