IAPCO just published their annual survey regarding their member activities in 2014. Results show a steady increase in business. Just in 2014 IAPCO members organised 7075 meetings worldwide, totalling over 2.86 million delegates that had together an economic impact of over 4.63 billion Euros.

We want to congratulate this way all IAPCO members for their continuous representative and impactful work!

Study shows in 2014:

    • Governmental Meetings have also risen consistently from 498 to 656 in the same period, although still not quite reaching the peak of 707 achieved in 2011.
    • Association Meetings continued to increase in numbers, from 2153 meetings in 2010 to its current level of 3111.
    • The Number of Corporate Meetings are slowly returning to the peak of 2010 (3454 meetings) as opposed to 3308 in 2014.

Source and more interesting results, on www.iapco.org