It is widely recognised that employee health programs are necessary to prevent high costs which are caused through growing stress levels, business travel and unhealthy lifestyles.

The development of such programs is not only relevant for the big players in economy, but is also considered in the management of SME’s (small and medium-sized enterprises) likewise.

We at tmf are involved in bringing meetings and congresses to destinations around the world and are aware what that can mean for the health of the travelling delegates. Healthy employees make healthy businesses and in ageing societies like in Germany with an obvious future shortage of talent it is even more important to keep your existing teams safe and sound.

Individual action:

The starting point is about our individual actions. The ones we personally adapt and stick to for the long run, having in mind a better health for ourselves as goal and therefore a happier life.  It is all very much interconnected and you might want to take a moment to reflect on this.

We make it a point and share case studies and engagement in the meetings industry with you, to integrate existing solutions in your company’s overall health programs and to initiate new ideas and offers.  As a great re-confirmation that we are not alone in this, we have recently started a co-operation with the London-based “World Obesity Federation” to support some of their efforts that we find are directly related to travel and international meetings.

One of them is the first World Obesity Day #WorldObesityDay, happening on 11 October 2015, in which we urge you to participate. Read more about it here.

For the World Obesity Day, why not take a few minutes and think about some steps that will take you or those you know to a healthier you?

Suggested individual actions for a healthier lifestyle @ World Obesity Federation
Suggested individual actions for a healthier lifestyle @ World Obesity Federation

Workplace action:

Corporate healthcare management is already a strong topic in corporate and government USA – and it picks up in Europe as well. Germany in particular, is one of the most active adaptors of the concept and for good reasons so, as explained already. Again we would like to share World Obesity Federation’s ideas about possible improvements in your working environment:

Suggested workplace actions for a healthier lifestyle @ World Obesity Federation
Suggested workplace actions for a healthier lifestyle @ World Obesity Federation

It is always good to see what others do: take a practical example from Deutsche Post DHL Group, well known as DHL. They started providing a healthy work environment and a wide range of activities designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and help avoid risk factors through the “Health & Well-Being” program. The Group focuses on lifestyle diseases as well as on prevention, initiating up to 40,000 health promotion activities each year through the Health Working Group, health-promotion campaigns and best-practice initiatives.  The activities span a wide range of areas, including improved ergonomics in the workplace, nutritional consulting, stress management, and exercise programs. They also provide support in the areas of nicotine and alcohol addiction, support service counselor to help deal with conflicts in the workplace, health problems or personal problems.

Another indicator for the fact that there is a big interest in all subjects concerning employee health is the Corporate Health Convention, that will have its 6th edition in May 2016 at the Messe Stuttgart. Have a look at what Prof. Dr. Ternès is saying about this here.

Healthy Meetings action – the perfect tool to communicate your company’s efforts in employee health programs!

Can you see the connection of all what is listed in the given examples as being relevant for your international events? They cannot exclude, but must integrate these ideas. We are happy to support you here!

So now what is your company’s health policy and approach?  Do you acknowledge the importance of food, exercise, travel and special concepts recommended for your conference attendees’ well-being, activity and focus? Check with the  department in charge of health programs for your company – corporate healthcare management and healthy meetings are not only a trend, but satisfy the human need for well-being and protect companies’ most valuable asset – the people working there.

We introduce to you international destinations, hotels and venues that already can help you in applying healthy meetings concepts. Please follow us on our various channels and allow us to be in touch with you!

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