New service: Social media planning & content marketing workshop for DMOs

We can help you to offer a new valuable service for your organisation and your destination partners in the exciting fields of social media and content marketing!

As from August 2012 tmf dialogue marketing and Crossmint BV will offer one-day Social Media Planning & Content Marketing Workshops around the world for organisations and people working in PR, marketing & sales of DMOs, CVBs, tourist offices, PCOs, DMCs.

We will train participants how to plan for success by strategically integrating social media and content marketing in their pr-, marketing- & sales- processes in order to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined and understood target audience to their destination.

We would very much like to organise workshops with you for your partners on location! The model is that we agree a price per participant with you and you can determine the final fee (including your won costs) and select a venue. If we can give more than one workshop we can of course reduce the costs per visit. Participants will get a free copy of one of the latest books about social media & content marketing, worksheets and slides of the presentation.

The following subjects will be presented:

  • Social Media and Content Marketing for Destinations?
  • Mapping Present Status/Social Media Level
  • Defining online PR, Marketing and Sales Goals
  • Listening to Others: Social Media Monitoring
  • Determine ‘Tone of Voice’/Online Value Proposition
  • Setting up the Social Media Tactical Plan
  • Creating a Content Strategy & Plan
  • Focusing on the Right Content for the Right Marketing Channels
  • The Tools of Content Marketing
  • Embedding the Plan in the Organisation
  • Measuring return-on-investment and Adjusting 

Workshop moderators 

Nicolaas Pereboom
Managing director of Crossmint BV, development of Destination Information & Content Marketing Web Platforms and social media services for DMOs, MICE, tourism and hospitality.


Johanna Fischer
Managing director of tmf dialogue marketing with many years of experience in the global outbound meetings and incentive markets. Speaker on MICE- and tourism-related PR content- and dialogue marketing topics and new ways of managing destination focussed news and content. 

Please contact me for further information:

e-mail:, phone: +49-(0)89 330 567 75.

With best regards,   

Johanna Fischer

Excited to see you at IMEX in Frankfurt next week!

So many things to get ready for IMEX! And never enough time…. This is one of the busiest periods of the year for us – and for many of you as well, I suppose. tmf dialogue marketing is – as a strategic partner of IMEX Frankfurt – involved in a lot of activities and projects around IMEX. We organise quite a few seminars, campfire and presentations around our work and for our clients and we encourage you to join one or – even better – all of them. In particular the campfire and the mini seminar on content marketing is going to be very interesting! After all, we have launched a functionality for the provision of a series of new services based on a unique content marketing platform! This webservice has been particularly developed for pr and marketing purposes jointly with our co-operation partner Crossmint from Maastricht, The Netherlands. So this is exciting stuff and unmatched in the industry to date. Nicolaas will be present and will share in the seminars and many meetings! He is the one who knows it all about social media and their relevance to our business!

Our stand number is G 480 and a great part of our team will be present during all 3 days. I am particularly happy that Karishma Hundalani, our partner from India will come for the first time to Frankfurt, together with a group of corporate hosted buyers from India. She will hold a mini seminar about the Indian market and ad some findings at our big mmm – MICE market monitor presentation on Wednesday morning. It is early – at 8.30 – but worth it! You will learn about trends and some key factors in the German-speaking, European, Russian and Indian MICE markets. So you have some mature and some emerging markets covered! Olga Mugatina of R&C research, our partner from St. Petersburg in Russia is responsible for the Russian part and we are all happy that we can offer you neutral and industry-relevant information about the Russian meetings market. Of course you can order both reports, just send back the form and you will receive the pdf report.

After IMEX you will also find the executive summaries on the mmm website.

So, I hope to meet you – if in an appointment or on the isle or at one of the many events or the gala dinner! Happy IMEX and hopefully a lot of sun next week! 

tmf dialogue marketing matches new content marketing services with excellent personal contacts in key markets through a sophisticated mix of live communication, media and pr work, lead generation and sales support and state-of-the-art Web 2.0 social media marketing solutions for multi-channel content publishing.

Social media @ IMEX 2012 – beyond Twitter, hashtags, Facebook and likes

How can destinations and congress/event organisers improve marketing, add value and save costs through new media?

Here are some suggestions for DMOs (destination marketing organisations):

  1. Train your partners (hotels, DMCs, venues etc.) on how to produce and strategize information and other content (texts, videos, photos, tweets, likes, etc.)
  2. Integrate all information and content in your destination news stream
  3. Communicate and distribute this content to your target groups
  4. Use all channels including online newsrooms and traditional email concepts
  5. Monitor dialogues, conversations and online mentions
  6. Create a continuous flow of interesting news and rich information
  7. Create added value for your target groups through dynamic news distribution
  8. Involve your partners in producing and maintaining content
  9. Allow partners to manage their own content on a central and social media enabled destination website
  10. Use online content for offline print (database publishing/web-to-print)

Nicolaas Pereboom and myself will be happy to discuss those and more options with you at IMEX! You are also invited to join either the campfire session on Tuesday at 2 pm and/or the mini seminar on content marketing in the MICE industry on Wednesday at 1.30 – here are the details:

See you in Frankfurt next week!

Social media planning Part 2: from setting up the tactical plan to measuring success

In our blog post Social media planning Part 1 we established everybody in one way or another is using social media nowadays, but have not yet made the step to include social media in their overall business planning. This is also the case in our own industry. Convention boards, tourist offices and destinations now all have an online presence with Facebook (fan pages), Twitter, LinkedIn, but it is not an integral part of their marketing and sales strategy In part 1 we looked how to map your present activities, determine your goals and message (value proposition) and how to start listening to others, especially how they talk about you!

5: Social media tactical plan: given resources, which activities can you deploy?

  • Which target audiences do we want to reach in which channels/networks?
  • Chosing channels/networks and publishing mode: which online networks to join, target audiences and influencers to join
  • Setting up social media accounts/profiles, social media monitoring and securing /registering accounts, e.g.: searches in Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, etc, setting up social media tools, contracting news management @ content services tmf
  • How do we integrate with and lonk to other digital channels/networks?
  • What resources and budget (time and money) are available realistically ?
  • Who in the team is going to manage/execute which part of the social media activities?
  • How much time do they have?

6. Content plan: what content for use in online networks do you already have (videos, photos, articles, etc.)

  • What (content) are you going to offer your target audiences?
  • Which content is already available (photos, videos, texts)?
  • Which content needs to be aggregated, curated and/or created?
  • Which content can be automatically fed to channels (e.g. via Twitterfeed)?
  • Mapping/alignment with website, blog, profiles in other sites (LinkedIn) organisation, commentaries, etc.
  • Content publication: news messages, press releases, newsrooms, newsletters, mail, e.g. linking social media (Twitter to Facebook, etc.), content curation in Scoopit!

7: Embedding in organisation

  • Setting up a social media policy: the to-do’s and dont’s of social media
  • Engage: publishing, entering into conversations, giving reactions
  • Determining budget, keeping track of costs and comparing them with present traditional marketing and sales.

8. Measuring and adjusting: how do you know you are successful?

  • What will be the benchmarkes: number of (positive) mentions, retweets, likes, etc.
  •  Measuring (a.o.): revenues/ROI and quality (reviews)?
  • Website statistics (Google Analytics), social media statistics (Klout, Kred)
  • Analysis of online channels related to goals?
  • Reduction in marketing costs?
  • Extra publicity?

We can help you set up social media planning! You can set all this up yourself but we are happy to support you in this process by providing you the tools, workshops and planning support needed to set up social media planning. In addition we can set up a unique news management & content marketing service to support you in dealing with and managing the daily flow of incoming (‘sourcing’) and outgoing (social media) messages, news (‘online newsroom‘) and other content (press releases, newsletters, blog posts and more). Visit us at the IMEX (stand G480) or contact us here for more information.

Social media planning Part 1: mapping, listening and determining your online message

By now many people working in organisations in travel, tourism and MICE are actively using social media for professional or personal purposes. They are finding out social media are different from traditional marketing and require a completely different approach to engage with other organisations or people. It is not about communicating anymore, it is about joining conversations that take place online. And as in our day-to-day conversations it is about being personal, transparent, sincere, inclusive and engaging. But we are getting overwhelmed by so many channels, so many people and so many conversations. And we have so little time and resources.

This is exactly why tmf dialogue marketing has set up a unique news management & content service to support organisations in dealing with the daily flow of incoming (‘sourcing’) and outgoing news (‘online newsroom‘) and other content (press releases, newsletters, social media messages and more).

And to successfully manage news and other content, one of the first requirements is to have a clear view on your goals, the people you want to engage, which channels your target audiences use, what you want to achieve, what content you want to use, etc. etc. In short: a strategy and a plan! And of course if you already have a PR-, marketing-, or sales plan, social media should be fully integrated into such plans!

What subjects related to social media need to be included in a planning for PR, marketing and sales? I have set up a list with steps to take, things to consider and questions you should ask yourself. Based on the outcomes of this list tmf dialogue marketing can help you to set up a strategic, successful and measurable social media presence,  making use of its news management & content services. This is Part 1 of two parts about social media planning.

In setting up social media planning the next steps should be taken:

1: Start with mapping the present status (setting baseline)

  • Who are your intended target audiences?
  • What channels are now being used (brochures, e-mail, Facebook, etc.)?
  • Who is actually reached? Who do we intend to reach but is not reached?
  • What is (the tone of) your message (and value proposition) in those channels and is it consistent?
  • Do you have an active (joining discussions) or passive presence on the Web?
  • What CRM (customer relationship management) software is used?
  • Are other online tools used?

2: Do you have a clear view what your goals are?

  • What are your goals for this year? More leads, more visitors, increased awareness, more sales?
  • What are the long-term goals? E.g.: reaching and engaging new target groups? More RFPs/requests/reservations via own website? Via social media? Migrating activities to online (digital) versus offline (print)? More effective promotion? Lower marketing- and sales costs? Better (and faster) customer service?

3: All begins and ends with listening: to yourself and to others

  • What is being said about your brand, how often are you mentioned in industry news articles, national and local news, events? What is your online reputation?
  • Which online and social media networks are used by you target audience and your ‘ambassadors’, key figures, how and where are they looking for information?
  • What are the popular industry sites and networks, newsgroups, blogs?
  • How active are your target audiences online? In which social networks and review sites?
  • How active are comparable organisations (competitors/partners) online and in social media networks and what are they doing?

4: Determining the online message (online value proposition): how do you want to be perceived?

  • Short description of your company/organisation, you added value for the market and which target audience this is important.
  • How are we going to let this message/proposition come back online/in social media networks?
  • Which attitudes should you change?
  • What values do you want to communicate?
In Part 2 we will continue with the social media tactical plan, content plan, how to embed social media in your organisation and finally how to measure success.If you want more information on implementing social media planning and news management & content services in your organisation please let us know by contacting us here or giving us a call here: +49 89 330 567 60!

In marketing the real and only king is content!

The battle for attention becoming more difficult. People are turning their back to advertising and traditional PR. They are much more interested in what their peers think of a product or service, they do research online, visit the reviews sites. And they are using social media for that. They want to engage and interact with organisations trying to sell them products or services.

Actually, any person or organization can now act as a media company and create awareness, inform and entertain people. Think of YouTube Channels. Or Twitter as customer service channel (best example here is KLM who has moved most of its passenger service to Twitter). And from a “PR 2.0″ perspective: clipping and editing relevant news from social media networks, creating ‘social media news releases’, maintaining ‘social media newsrooms’ and sending this out to multiple online channels and social media networks to reach your target audience.

Rather than buying advertising time and space, organisations should look at ways to source, create and publish engaging, relevant and inspiring content to the social Web. Not only does this add to building awareness, increasing trust in you and your products and services, it is also much more cost-effective and through the viral affect of social media can reach and engage the audience much better than traditional advertising and PR. Bloggers now how powerful maintaining a blog can be. Bloggers also know they cannot be successful if they use blogs, tweets and messages only to beat their chests. Like the traditional marketeers and advertisers are still doing. This also goes for organisations working in MICE, tourism and destination marketing. And we can help with setting this up and more.

Another difference is that marketeers should not be thinking only in ‘campaigns’ anymore. As a matter of fact the notion of a ‘social media campaign’ is in fact a contradiction in terms. And if you look closer most social media campaigns are advertising campaigns in disguise. And people do not like that (see above in this post). Engaging people with social media and creating engaging content is an on-going process and not just a one-off of short-term promotional activity. We will have to re-educate our organisation!

So in new marketing content has finally become king. Long live the king!

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Of angry birds and social mice…

At the end of last year we exhibited at one of the biggest trade shows of Amsterdam, IBC 2011. IBC focuses on the broadcasting industry (TV, radio). We exhibited a giant iPad: a 55 inch touchscreen with Angry Birds on it. People loved playing it and tweeted about our stand! With the immediate effect that more people visited us during the trade show. Unfortunately the organization had messed up the hashtags for Twitter (#IBC, #IBC12, #IBC2012) weakening the viral effects of Twitter for this event. What I saw there I believe is a great example of what is happening in our industry. It is wakening up to web 2.0 and social media but not yet using it strategically, based on goals and planning.

It has taken some more time compared to other industries, but finally the meeting industry, event organisers and exhibitions and destination marketing organizations are catching up and turning to social and other new media. The year 2011 will be remembered as the year when a lot of things changed in MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, exhibitions). First we had the credit crisis and on top of that the advent of social media has been dramatically changing the ways in which we communicate and how we are doing business. Sharing knowledge in online social networks has become the norm. We look for information from our peers and base our decisions on reviews in sites like TripAdvisor. Every day in LinkedIn discussions about MICE, tourism, social media marketing are started in groups. Facebook has become a popular channel for destinations and Twitter is the place to be for the latest news and more! We are already seeing new meeting concepts being developed in which offline and online concepts are combined.

Exhibition and conference organizers, location owners and destination marketers are looking at new ways to deal with this new situation. I meet many people who are afraid that the meeting and event industry and destination marketing as we knew it before 2009 will return again. They still insist on calling web 2.0 and social media a hype and argue that MICE is a business which can only be done face-to-face. The fact is however that the organizations combining face-to-face with a strong presence in social media on the Web will come out strongest. And we are happy to help you all become ‘social MICE’!

I would like to hear what your views are on what is happening in our industry and whether you are also moving to new ways of interacting with your customers.

Why should you follow this blog and interact?

Here we want to share our expertise and insights with you. I (Johanna Fischer) will keep you informed about what we do, why we do it and why we don’t do some things. If we have best practise to share, new findings from our market research, or explanations why the Indian market is different from the European one and what is needed to do business with  Russian planners…. Just to name a few :-)

Daniel with his new friend Byron

Nicolaas Peereboom of Crossmint in Maastricht, who is our much valued partner for new media (god bless – without him we would get lost in that particular jungle…) will share his huge insight and knowledge – he is our guru!!

And Daniel Tschudy, our new director global marketing will report on whatever he thinks is of relevance to the market and to you! At the moment he is in Australia and he obviously has made a new friend there…


Launching a lot of news!

We are happy to present a different and new approach to destination marketing and best practise! A new interactive website, new products for market research, events and famtrips and a super innovative concept for the structured management of destination news. Well, we were quite busy here lately but now we can move forward and present both our destination clients as well as meeting planners and media with a bunch of fun and new projects and campaigns.

As it is all based on interactivity that is what we ask you for: be interactive and open to what we are going to present to you! Step by step we will jointly accomplish to integrate all these new channels into our daily work and enjoy the new experience and growth that they allow! We take you there, follow us!

To all planners working with tmf dialogue marketing:

Please have a look at the newsroom– it will be your super tool for all kinds of research. We provide you with information around our destinations, the market and on projects on an ongoing basis. For projects like the annual mmm – mice market monitor (which is supported by IMEX Frankfurt and will be presented there) or destination workshops you will be provided with a separate microsite, which keeps you informed about the project and allow you to communicate with the participants from the destination or with other partners of the project.

To media, bloggers and other opinion leaders:

We look forward to our intensified co-operation! Whatever you need, let us know, we will be happy to develop and integrate any good ideas!

To destination marketing organisations and other related suppliers, dear tmf clients:

Let us inspire you with a new way to operate projects and interact with the market and opinion leaders. We will be happy to discuss your needs with you!