TripAdvisor just launched the TripAdvisor Apple Watch app, which is now available on the App Store. It is an app specially designed for the new Apple Watch and, besides access to TripAdvisor traveller reviews, ratings and photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions, it also has the following features:

1. Helpful search options: you can see popular businesses on a range between 1,5 and 10 miles from where you are

2. Walking directions to your place of interest

3. Saves: You can save favourite restaurants, attractions and hotels and view them later on another Apple device or on

The novelty is that the Apple Watch includes a feature called “Glances,” which allows users to conveniently get updates from their favourite apps. The great advantage of TripAdvisor Glance is that it will provide users with recommendations that will help them discover nearby points of interest based on the location and time of day. For example, at noon, TripAdvisor Glance will automatically find the highest-rated restaurant near the user’s current location and suggest the place to go for lunch.