MiCo Milano Congressi is actively participating since 2012 in the Banco Alimentare “Siticibo” programme for the recycling of surplus food, both cooked and fresh. In the Lombardy region, only in 2014 Siticibo has collected 286 metric tons of ready meals, about 100 metric tons of baked goods and over 121 metric tons of fruit and vegetables.

“In the city of Milan, Siticibo vans operate on a regular basis, serving 85 charitable structures, which in turn assist some 14,000 persons; every day they make the rounds of the institutions with which there is an agreement to pick up the kitchen surpluses not served to students at over 100 schools, recycling bread and fruit. Siticibo volunteers – always identifiable by their regular wearing of special vests – perform the recycling operations of cooked foods prepared in multi-portion tubs in accordance with “cold chain” procedures and kept properly preserved in refrigerated vans for delivery to charitable organizations depending on availability and proximity to the collection points.”

In 2014, the amount of cooked food collected from the events that took place at MiCo came to 1,742 kilos. The food was distributed to the city’s charitable structures that assist people experiencing hardships such as economic poverty, mental disorders, no fixed address, family problems and drug addiction.

Read more about food waste and why it is important to prevent it, on the Best Milan blog.

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