At the Event Manager Blog, Eventtech startups are able to send in a pitch to editor Julius Solaris in hopes of being featured in an #Eventtech app roundup. The original list includes 25 different apps for event planners and venues alike, but we just wanted to highlight some of our favorites here at tmf dialogue.

mixtroz is a great way to promote communication between attendees. After you open the mixtroz, you answer a few questions so the app can learn a bit more about you. After processing your answers, mixtroz will match you with 3-10 other attendees with similar answers. It’s an easy and fast way to break the ice and start networking with who is important to you!

One app especially appealing to venues is bthere. This app allows you to film a 360-degree video with interactive, virtual reality elements. It’s the perfect way to show off your venue and what it has to offer!

Cyber security is becoming a larger concern of event planners. To fight against hackers, download to protect attendee data. That way you can focus your energy on other things, like running your event!

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