On Friday 1st of May, Expo Milano 2015 has officially opened its door to the public. Twenty million visitors are expected to attend the exhibition until October 31. Throughout the whole six-month period, Expo Milano 2015 will stage various fixed events every day.

Visitors also can look forward to many innovations and unique creations there. For example, Expo Milano showcases a record breaking structure: the largest roof made of “intelligent” glass, which is for Food 2.0, the United States pavilion. The Italian company, Isoclima di Este, was appointed for the project. Research Frontiers, an American company, is responsible for the SPD-SmartGlass licence.

312 pannels will create a surface of about one thousand square metres. They can change their appearence depending on the weather and sun’s exposure, to guarantee the right amount of light and heat over the covered terrace.

Architect James Biber explained: “They will be used to provide heating and cooling for visitors, using a minimum amount of energy, equivalent to six 100 watt light bulbs to make the roof completely transparent and no energy to keep it coloured. By treating the intelligent panels as they were large pixels, we will be able to obtain images, patterns, words and movements over what would otherwise be a plain tent.”

Read more about the smartes glass roof on MiCo Milano Congressi blog.

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