Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center  and Firenze Convention Bureau welcome and are happy to host THE IEVC IEEE  INTERNATIONAL ELECTRIC VEHICLE CONFERENCE 2014

This year  Florence is the “Capital of electromobility”, hosting the three-day International Conference IEVC (International Electric Vehicles Conference), from 17 to 19 December 2014 and this morning it is amazing to see how the nineteenth-century park of the Congress Center  is full of electric vehicles with a futuristic appeal.

The IEVC is in fact a cardinal manifestation to the world of electric mobility, organized by the IEEE ( Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers ), an international association composed of approximately 420,000 members and held in high esteem by scientists and professionals that orbit around electrical engineering and electronics sectors.,

The event brings together institutional and industrial personalities and over 300 delegates from around the world including technicians, engineers , researchers, professors and all the electric mobility lovers and we  wish to thank Prof. Giuseppe Tomasso– University of Cassino, for supporting the city of Florence as host city for the Conference.

The IEEE International Electric Vehicle Conference serves the global engineering community as a leadership platform to identify market, technology and standardization opportunities for electrified vehicles and related infrastructure. Key executives of the private and public sector, academic leaders, and standardization experts will contribute to an interactive dialogue on how to develop the transportation electrification ecosystem utilizing technology waves such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Automated Driving. Automotive OEM’s have invested large sums in the development of electrified vehicles such as EVs, PHEVs and fuel-cell powered vehicles. This combined with mandated reductions of CO2 emissions will require the implementation of long term strategies from both industry and government on how to increase market share of electrified vehicles in global markets.

Main topics, objects of various seminars and workshops are:

– EV standards, policy, education, market, supply chain and manufacturing;

– EV system architecture concepts and components;

– Wireless charging, conductive charging and superfast charging;

– EV energy storage technologies;

– EV mobility, ecodriving, fuel cell vehicles, hybrids, plug-ins, energy production;

– EV power electronics and motor drives;

– EV systems modeling, simulation and testing;

– Power grid opportunities and EV infrastructure support;

– EV communications, in-vehicle network, connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles,

For more informatin visit the IEEE website following this link or  take a look at the full programme here.

Source and more information on Firenze Convention Bureau’s website.

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