For Destinations/Suppliers

Creating and operating effective dialogue marketing concepts and campaigns. Special requirements of the MICE and tourism industry are an integral part of our wide expertise.

DMOs (destination marketing organizations) and related suppliers benefit from our long-standing expertise, passion and innovative approach.
We offer a unique functionality to effectively reach out and engage relevant target groups by making use of state-of-the-art Web 2.0 and social media marketing tools.

Success strategy

  • Use of top-level databases for all market segments within the tourism and MICE market
  • Creation and operation of targeted marketing projects
  • Curation, creation and communication of content that is relevant for market and media
  • Provision of latest technical solutions for an integrated communication system
  • Conception, design and operation of social media newsrooms
  • Social media training and development of social media strategies

Client’s benefit

  • Full support in all areas of dialogue marketing, based on long-standing expertise, contacts and knowledge of the market
  • Strong presence of clients’ products and destinations in traditional communication channels, social media and social networks