Just imagine you are at a conference or a meeting somewhere in another city. The day comes to an end, you are a uptight from all the brainstorming and concentration of the day. The body is tired, but the mind sure isn’t. This is a good reason to have a beer or a glass of wine with your colleagues or co-delegates! So you meet in the lobby bar of the congress hotel, discuss the day or other things and one glass quickly turns into 2 or 3… you know how it is – the mind still isn’t quiet and at some point, two or three hours later you go to your room. Only now it is – that you notice that your whole body and particularly the middle part, aches and feels full and uncomfortable. Somehow you manage to sleep after many attempts and toss and turns…

Next morning you feel awful and you are sure there must have been something wrong with the last drink you had… how fit are you now for another challenging day at your conference?

Maybe I have a suggestion for an alternative for you, gentlemen, for that beer or wine choice in the evening. COCOA! Please do not wrinkle your nose!

Try to be open for what is coming now – you already probably think in boxes when it comes to the word “healthy”… tasteless, boring and carton like, tofu, alternative… etc.

I know I know, but wouldn’t it be worth to try n o t to have a beer in the evening but instead enjoy a very tasteful, maybe even warmed up, drink prepared out of true COCOA beans?

I will make sure it sounds tempting to you and so I will mix a clear liquor into the drink, which moves nice and tart and chocolaty into your grateful belly. That could be a clear Hazelnut or Raspberry liquor, which goes extremely well with the cacao taste. We can take this experiment even further by adding oriental spices and mint leaves, which takes you to 1001 nights and an oriental feeling and is at the same time soothing for the stomach and nerves.

This time your body would go to bed relaxed without having to fight the rests of hop and malt of the last beers or the sulfite of the wine, that otherwise would squeeze their way through your liver and kidneys during the night…

Next time I will share the recipe and we have Fredi trying the drink and share with you what he thinks. Please follow us on facebook here.