If you are planning an event with a minimum of 50 participants coming from at least 2 different countries from where the event takes place, then you should take the SkyTeam Global Meetings Service into consideration. It helps you to organise airline tickets for all event participants in an efficient and flexible way. The Service is the easy solution to bringing in delegates from all over the world on a discounted fare, to places connected through the 20 airlines in the alliance!

Who better can report about the product than someone who has already used it? The American Talley Management Group is one of those. We wanted to know more about the experiences the company made and talked to the President of the Group, Gregg H. Talley.

1. Gregg, you have used the Global Meetings Service of SkyTeam to support your delegate airline bookings for congresses. Can you let us know which congresses these were and where they took place?

We worked with SkyTeam for the 2015 International Convention of Alcoholics Anonymous, July 1-4 in Atlanta, GA.

2. What was the biggest group of delegates that you have booked with the GM service?

This was by far the largest at over 57,000 delegates.

3. How often have you used the service already and how did you learn about it?

We learned about it through our knowledge of the airline industry and familiarity with other alliances.

4. Can you share why you find the GM service particularly helpful for a congress planner like you?

It’s the central organization of all the alliance partners with one agreement and the reporting and support offered through the SkyTeam – one point of contact – its Great!

5. And, last but not least: do you have any great learnings from working with this service which you would share with other congress planners?

It is so easy to work with SkyTeam. I can think of no reason you would not want to engage to benefit your attendees and your management team.

Thank you for the interview Mr. Talley.

If you want to learn more about the product, please visit SkyTeam Global Meetings website and also have a look on our newsroom where you can find interesting stories.

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