Our Yummy Coach Gina has thought about a drink that can be both tasteful, men-appropriate and good for health in the sense that you can drink it at the end of the day and it will promote sleep and a feeling of well-being.
Here is what she came up with: a drink from raw cocao beans, no sugar, milk full-fat (3,8 %) – with this a hot drink is prepared. Then add one espresso, a small glass of Hazelnut liquor (clear one, no sweet one), put whipped cream on top and garnish with freshly ground orange skin and freshly ground hazelnut.
An alternate preparation is to infuse the hot milk with a little bag of oriental spices, like cardamom and cinnamon or use other liquors like raspberry.

Here is Fredi’s evaluation:
First sceptic – like “would I really drink a hot drink in a bar”, but then very convinced: “it feels nice, it has some alcohol in it without dominating too much, it is not sweet and the combination of different tastes is fabulous. It felt really good in my stomach and did not affect my sleep at all (despite the espresso in it)! I can imagine to order it, if offered in a bar!”

We also checked with Gina and her diet advisors: the drink is suitable for diabetics, as no sugar is involved; it needs to be made from full-fat milk though for whatever chemical reasons.

Competition: we now need a name for this creation!
Do you have an idea of how to make this drink attractive for men in a bar? The best idea will be used as “official” name for the drink and will be posted as a full recipe in our newsroom to event organizers!
The creative head with the best idea will win a bottle of the delicious Hazelnut liquor that Gina chose!

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