This is Gina! She is a very creative chef and owner of a Café in our home-base Würzburg, where she serves healthy and extremely tasty food and dishes for business people, but of course also for anyone who loves food and wants or needs to consider special diets, like gluten- or lactose free options.

Her fabulous talent to create yummy food without using any milk products, attracts also many vegans – so she constantly explores new dishes that can appeal to everyone.

She does not compromise on quality and strictly bans any flavor enhancers or additions; plus she produces all foods and juices herself, and wow, she sure prepares the best juices and smoothies you can think of!

Gina will act as our Yummy Coach for food and drink concepts for meetings! As she says  “as a passion I deal with different options as of how to drink vegetables and fruits, the so-called detoxing. Particularly at work it is perfect to replace a full meal with one glass of juice with the right mix of ingredients to support your individual condition. And it is very tasty and healthy as the body gets vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibers for the day.

I have developed a whole lot of recipes which positively can affect all parts of the body and that will work for you!”

Her first action is to invent a drink for Fredi to check next week, whether he would enjoy it in a bar during or better after a conference…

Stay alert and wait for Gina’s #HealthyBar drink!