Healthy meetings are a very important subject for the MICE industry. Many hotel chains or conference centres already follow this trend and include “healthy behaviour” in their meetings and events.

The Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre (SECC), IMEX and World Obesity presented their collective support for healthy conferences and healthy venues at IMEX. The SECC is taking steps to become the First Healthy Venue Champion. They will use a new accreditation scheme piloted by World Obesity, announced to be ready later this year, as well as free bikes offered by NextBikes for delegates to get to the venue.
The focus of a Healthy Venue is to provide a whole experience to the attendee, from healthy food options, more physical activity as well as practical ideas to incorporate these behaviours on a daily basis.

The NH Hesperia Tower has prepared a special Brainfood menu for meetings, combined with a Zen Coffee Break and Healthy that will ensure that the attendees get a balance between the body and the mind, thus being present in a well-being and energetic state. Besides the carefully selected foods and drinks, acupressure massages, Tibetan incense and Zen music help achieve full emotional balance among the participants.

The topic of healthy meetings will be our content focus in the months of July and August and we offer a range of information and innovative track services. Please read more about it here.

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