Health is a human basic need, and we all try to stay healthy throughout our lives. It is also true for professional activities, where it is essential to follow healthy routines in order to reach the best results for us and for the organisations we work for. The latin proverb “mente sana in corpore sano” reminds us of the importance of keeping “a healthy mind in a healthy body”.

At Hesperia Tower, the team follows this trend, trying to offer quality products and services that benefit the delegates’ health, like the “performance menus”. They have adapted their gastronomy and now offer healthy food ingredients, improving personal performance and energy during a full meeting day, in addition to stimulate creativity.

These menus are based on the principles of the Brain food concept :

  • fish
  • whole wheat cereals
  • fruits & vegetables (like blueberry which is very good for mental exercise, or broccoli for vitamins)
  • fresh products
  • less meat (no red meat)
  • less fat
  • 10% sugar (except natural one)
  • no alcohol served during lunch

Nevertheless, at NH Hesperia Tower the body care is not forgotten. During the zen coffee break, an atmosphere where all delegates’ senses will be activated is created – and this contributes to a powerful and healthy mind. An exotic express massage area is set up and becomes the main scenery where one can get rid of stress and tension through professional techniques. In addition, the coffee break zen offers a range of healthy and revitalizing products such as teas, soya milk, brown breads and cereals or the 70% cocoa lollipop.

The zen coffee break suggestion is not the only product offered in the property, but one element of the philosophy oriented towards healthy meetings. Large events like Event Innovation Summit (Eventoplus, September 2014) are a good example of it, where all the menus were based on healthy and Slow Food or the Fresh Conference 2015 (Meeting Design Institute, June 2015) based on Art & Innovation meetings with healthy food. As an extension to the healthy food, the space set up and special ergonomic furniture will complement each other with the F&B healthy menus, offering a perfect atmosphere that encourages a relaxed and positive communication. Last step of this program will be the creation of a meditation room available for attendees willing to relax their minds prior to starting a working session.

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