New Zealand is a world known business event destination! The country regularly wins bids to host international congresses and conferences. One of those is the world health promotion conference of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) which will take place in Rotorua in 2019. The conference is a significant win for the Rotorua region and will see 2,000 international delegates bringing an estimated $4 million to the New Zealand economy (see:

The HeadQuarters magazine talked to Sione Tu’itahi, Executive Director of The Health Promotion Forum of New Zealand about the conference win. In the interview he spoke about the conference itself and showed why Rotorua is the perfect fitting host. Further, he explained why New Zealand is the ideal country for a conference based on planetary health and sustainable development.

Here is a short excerpt from the interview (Question: What are the challenges and opportunities of holding a conference in New Zealand?)

“Our distance might be seen as a challenge but transport and communication is so advanced and our country such a popular destination that this is easily managed. New Zealand is accessible in terms of travel, and offers many unique experiences in a country that is safe, clean and healthy. Some of the logistics such as organizing transport and accommodation for more than 2,000 participants from around the world can be challenging, but we are confident that this will be very effectively managed.

Experience shows us that our fellow health professionals are willing to travel to attend this triennial conference because of the unmatched opportunity to witness successful health promotion initiatives in other countries. Many of the health promotion colleagues from around the world that we met at the last conference in Brazil are keenly looking forward to the conference hosted here. We are confident New Zealand will have the added attraction of its natural beauty, beautiful weather, friendly people and its reputation as a small nation that punches above its weight in many fields.”

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