The Hong Kong Tourism Board will be present at IMEX Frankfurt (stand B350) with the largest-ever delegation from the city. We have collected for you different tips from the Hong Kong partners, their own personal recommendations for event planners and friends, for new inspiration and as a good reason for you to see the Hong Kong Partners at IMEX!

3. Ms. Katie Buxton, General Manager, Destination Asia (Hong Kong)

“People might usually associate Hong Kong with bustling city life and mega skyscrapers, but the surprising truth is that Hong Kong has an abundance of pristine wildlife and nature on offer! The great outdoors include unspoilt beaches, quaint fishing villages, walking trails, hiking, kayaking and so much more. Few people take the time to experience this side of Hong Kong and it is one we definitely recommend to explore. Meet us at IMEX and we will let you know more about it.”

For an appointment at IMEX with Ms. Katie Buxton from Destination Asia (Hong Kong) Limited, please use the online diary for stand B350.

4. Ms. Gemma Puig, EHB SOLUTIONS

“Hong Kong is well known for its own personal character “east meets west”, a vibrant and dynamic city that offers unique experiences and the best facilities to make an event a total success. I discovered it 4 years ago, when I arrived there for the first time and I decided to stay, totally in love with the city. I love the mix between the narrow streets full of antiques shops and just around the corner the most modern and futuristic office buildings, showing that Hong Kong is the heart of the business in Asia but it also keeps the essence of its millenary culture.

Hong Kong shows this contrast in all aspects of the city!

In its people: the most hard-working, well prepared and professional young generation that follows the trendiest fashion but, at the same time, still follows the traditions and keeps a strong respect for the family.

In its gastronomy: here you can find the most exquisite Chinese cuisine, especially the Cantonese, from delicious “Dai Pai Dong” (street food) to the most refined 3 Michelin Stars, all mixed with all kind of international restaurants from all around the world, giving birth to some of the best fusion restaurants. Again, “east meets west”. ”

For an appointment at IMEX with Ms. Gemma Puig from EHB SOLUTIONS, please use the online diary for stand B350.

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