I was just coming back from Eastern Slovakia, where I attended and contributed to the new VIAForum 2016 – an exchange of businesses and organizations around investments in the region and its capital, Košice.

I am going to places with eyes-wide-open, curious to experience and see and hear what happens in parts of the world that I do not know yet. Lately I find it particularly interesting to occupy myself with the “new” Europe in East and South Eastern Europe and I am seeing very interesting parts of our Europe that seem to need a bit of introduction!! So does Košice.

Košice is the second largest city in the Slovak Republic and is very business-driven for foreign investments. Lots of intl. companies, particularly from Germany, the US, Italy and other countries have grown in numbers and are comprising the Automotive, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical industry, ICT sectors. Universities and leading researchers and scientists in different areas add to the local knowledge.

There are so many destinations around the world that are attractive, offer a nice infrastructure, beautiful nature and other interesting aspects. How to decide for the right one? As we all know, too much of choice can be counter-productive. Sometimes it is good to focus on a few key aspects and then make up your choice and go for it.

So, again, why particularly choose Košice and the East of Slovakia for business-related events?

– It is exotic: a part of Europe that we here in the West are usually not so familiar with, hence can be a great inspiration to embrace the European idea and to explore new places
– It is in transition: It is a destination still developing and therefore in a semi-rough, not-so-perfect-yet state: something very interesting to discover now, before everything looks the same all over the place – it does have a strong individuality and special charm and many surprises
– It is somehow German: The cities look strangely familiar – no wonder, with the strong historic German background
– It is inexpensive: The value for money is great
– It is delicious: There are good local wines and tasty food and the supply in organic and healthy food is there
– It is natural: Within a vicinity of 1,5 hours you can bring your group to the High Tatra Mountain range with many hotels and outdoor options
– It is healthy: Again in the High Tatra and generally in Slovakia: there is very good air to breathe and many sources of healing waters. A lot to explore for healthy meetings and executive health programs
– It is functional: And there is also congress space for a couple hundred people in hotels around Košice and in the High Tatra for around 650 people in modern facilities.
– It is polite and relaxed: the city of Košice has a very good aura and atmosphere
– It is entertaining: with all kinds of music festivals, events, sports (Košice was the European capital of culture in 2013 and is the European city of sport in 2016)

Please see the new video clip which was just launched at the VIAForum event last week! It concludes perfectly the options that event planners have in Košice.

Bear with me, my next blog will be about the hotels I have visited during my stay! Let us know what you want to read about destinations! It is our pleasure to tell you the story!

Johanna Fischer
Managing Director
tmf dialogmarketing