We are pleased to announce that Hungexpo, Hungary’s biggest event venue, will have the chance to host two great international events in the coming years.

This year the largest European skills competition took place in Lille Grand de Palais, France. 450 young skilled workers from 25 countries, competed over 3 days in 41 skills for the title „Best of Europe”. EuroSkills 2014 wasn’t only about competing for the nearly 90.000 visitors it was about discovering and trying trades, getting information about training programs and meeting tomorrow’s highly qualified young European professionals. It was also the place where a lot of European leaders of industry, education and training came together at different seminars, conferences and meetings. For the first time in WorldSkills Europe history, two members competed to become the organizer of EuroSkills 2018. WorldSkills Norway and Skills Hungary prepared & presented an outstanding bid, both with the full support of their government. During the WorldSkills Europe General Assembly, all members voted and resulted in the most support for the Hungarian bid. With the full support of their government for the estimated budget of 20 million Euros, Hungary is the first East European country to organize an international Skills event. EuroSkills 2018 will be held in the Hungarian capital Budapest. Hungexpo – the biggest event venue in the country – is awaiting for the guests with its 70.000 sqm grass covered area in a 36 hectare landscaped environment, providing an inspiring atmosphere for the young experts and visitors as well. The 8 event halls (700-20.000 sqm) and several conference rooms create an ideal place for this international competition.

Budapest will host the famous Bocuse d’Or event in 2016, the international competition of professional chefs in Europe. This competition has the highest prestige among the culinary world, and is being held now on a biannual base around Europe. This year’s event was held in Stockholm, where the competitors had to present 2 signature dishes to the jury. The world’s most prestigious gastronomy competition was launched 20 years ago and the possibility of hosting the 2016 competition is of huge significance and gives Hungary an outstanding PR chance. The unique hungarian cuisine is already well known in Europe but in the recent years Budapest’s gastronomy’s has experienced a huge boom thanks to the continues improvement of the industry (Budapest has 3 Michelin-starred restaurant: Winekitchen, Onyx and Costes) and the gradually increasing interest toward culinary enjoyments. Successful hosting of this event will mean international attention and professional recognition, thousands of tourists and above all, an opportunity for the further development of Hungarian gastronomy.

The team of Hungexpo Budapest is attending EIBTM Barcelona from November 18 – 20. You can meet them personally at booth B61 (shared with GL Events) or G15 (shared with Hungarian Tourism Ltd.).

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