It has been a few years since I last came to Moscow and wow, the city has developed!!!! An amazing skyline with new high-rise buildings. Amazing traffic … Amazing tourism – groups from China and Asia but also from Europe. Honestly, I did not expect this, given the complicated Visa formalities and political situation.

It seems worth to travel to Russia these days; with a favourable currency exchange and lots of new things going on. If you need contacts with the local organisers, let us know, tmf dialogue will be happy to help.

The meeting was good! Sharing some great case studies of innovative events and services with  colleagues from Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany and others (speakers: Jutta Heinrich of Frankfurt CVB about the Luminale – a super exciting event in Frankfurt, initiated by Messe Frankfurt parallel to a famous tradeshow “Light and Building” – every two years: check

Stefan Bonsel from Basel CVB about their welcome campaign with local volunteers “Ask me – I am a local”
and Katarzyna Cioch, Warsaw Convention Bureau about Warsaw – Sport – Connect – An example of how sport can be a common ground for an exceptional link between science, administration and business, and how the Warsaw citizens are included in the entire process. Warsaw Convention Bureau initiated and established a cooperation of these three sectors, which led to the creation of a joint, modern and highly competitive offer of the destination. That is why Warsaw promotes itself through sport. ‘Warsaw – Sport – Connect‘.

Also, the part about Futurology & Sociology trends that can be applied/ taken into account by meeting planners was inspiring. Particularly Holger Lange of Brähler did a good job,  with a few fantastic examples of  how new technical solutions change the event industry and the customer experience. And what are the new trends in using and applying this modern event technology.

I spoke about Emotional Content and how to create it to add value to all marketing initiatives and  Dmitry Rus, a Science fiction writer from Russia shared his views on artificial intelligence and future technologies.

There were sessions about how to do business with Russia, which showed  once more how we in the meeting industry are directly related to what media are publishing around major events (example Sotchi and the risk management) and a few other introductions of the hosts who were involved in the organization of the program.

The whole program was moderated by Anna Górska, who as always did a great job. Thanks to everybody! To Anna, the World Trade Centre for hosting us, RESTEC Events and Moscow CVB with its new team for putting the program together and all others that I am not aware of!

More details about the program you find here.

Next year’s ICCA Central European Chapter Meeting will take place in Lviv (Lemberg) Ukraine – see here.

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Johanna Fischer
Managing Director of tmf