The IMEX Group published an article written by Johanna Fischer, Managing Director of tmf dialogue marketing. Please read for yourself:

“Sustainability in destination marketing can have many faces – with basics like green meetings taken for granted. Sustainability is intercultural, integrated, less consumption oriented and more value-driven, making careful use of resources and appreciating the needs of the local people, employees and clients.

It is reconsidering how the economy, the constant drive for growth, the environment and social needs effect each other. It is also about reconsidering how we do things on a daily basis, and how destinations can cater for growing expectations for sustainable concepts – concepts which can be experienced by visitors, enjoyed by locals and lend a sense of pride to the ambassadors (or DMOs) for a destination.

A holistic approach to destination marketing and branding is needed, one which is respectful, visionary, innovative and involves change management. This can seem a daunting task requiring co-operation by suppliers in a destination, a wider content strategy, rethinking the marketing material required and a focus on what global planners need to know when planning sustainable events.

Sustainability in marketing a destination needs to start with the organisations and politicians in charge of allocating budgets. It also needs to have longevity and establish a legacy rather than starting again with every change of government or position, speaking with one voice and using the best available resources for everybody’s benefit.”

Johanna Fischer
Managing Director, tmf

Please find the IMEX Briefing here.