The IMEX Group published an article written by Johanna Fischer, Managing Director of tmf dialogue marketing. Please read for yourself:

“While attending IMEX in Frankfurt I realised just how important it is to the success of a trade show like IMEX that everyone abides by a set of ‘event ethics’:

To be a hosted buyer means accepting a business deal with the company that has brought you to the show, and taking this commitment seriously. This means considering them throughout the process, from letting them know when you need to rearrange your travel to the show, to making sure you get across the show floor to your appointments on time.

Exhibitors’ primary purpose is to engage with possible clients. To do this they not only need to apply original and creative design to their stands – but also to their presentations, taking advantage of the latest developments in meeting design.

Everybody loves evening events and receptions, and networking events are where many of the most valuable connections will be made. Organisers need to make a point of being good hosts, interacting with their guests and looking after them. In turn buyers need be selective about the events they attend and then commit to those they have registered for. Nothing upsets a good host more than a no-show in favour of another event.

Finally we all have a responsibility to assess the promotional material we all produce and give away and take. Exhibitors should only bring what they are sure they will give away – making sure the material meets buyers’ needs. And buyers should only take what they are sure they will use – rather than sweeping up brochures and leaving them in hotel rooms. Digital is always an option too.”
Johanna Fischer
Managing Director
tmf dialogue marketing