We’ve got a winner! She is from Austria and is the Executive Director of the Vienna Medical Academy, or for those of you who speak German, Wiener Medizinische Akademie. Mrs. Romana König attended ibtm in Barcelona and participated in our campaign, and will enjoy the campaign prize, a great dinner at the 7 Portes Restaurant in Barcelona. Fun fact: she visited the restaurants many times some years back and was herself impressed by the food quality there.

We interviewed Mrs. König to find out a bit more about her business and experiences so far and here’s what she told us:

Can you tell us a bit about your role and about the Vienna Medical Academy (VMA)?
I am Executive Director since 2003 together with my colleague Jerome del Picchia. We organize about 30 meetings and conferences per year (around 12.000 participants in total) and administrate around 40 associations.

You have been working with so many associations in the medical field, what do you think is their main challenge when they are organizing an event?
Clearly, an excellent and innovating scientific programme and leading keynote speakers.

What value does VMA provide to associations?
An experienced, motivated and hard working team.

From your personal experience, what are the most important things that associations are considering when choosing a destination for their events?
When considering a destination, their main focus is answering the following questions:
Is there a large local community, an association, a president and any local support?
What are the costs for the congress center including technical equipment and internet?
How many flight connections are there and is there an international airport?
What are the hotel capacities?

How important are exhibitions such as ibtm for your business?
They are very useful for networking.

Thank you Mrs. König! Wishing you enjoy a lovely dinner at the 7 Portes, just like the one we enjoyed this year, and last year and the year before with tmf… The restaurant is truly charming, and anyone going there for the first time will definitely understand why we advocated for it.