Slovenian hotels present a range of healthy food programmes that boost personal performance during working hours and consequently improve the well-being of planners and business travellers.
The participation at meetings and incentive trips is often stressful, the expectations to concentration are high. An unhealthy lifestyle and diet is not uncommon, time for exercise is rare. Therefore, several hotels have joined the “Brain Food” movement, a gastronomic trend that strives for healthy eating, aimed at keeping business guests physically healthy and mentally focused. Healthy food helps to keep the mind alert and stimulate creativity and performance.

The LifeClass Hotels & Resorts in Portorož have developed the Brain Power Booster Programme which is based on the Ayurvedic and Mediterranean diets. The meals are based on complex carbohydrates, fatty acids, amino acids and antioxidants. Fatty acids for example have a positive effect on memory, amino acids a strong effect on nerve connections in the brain.

Moreover, planners can participate in morning meditation and breathing exercises that sharps the mind and makes you ready for stressful work day. Brain Power Booster breaks, lunch and massages improve the individual’s well-being, thereby improving their abilities.

At the Terme & Wellness LifeClass you can find the raw food centre Fresh4you. Raw food contains energy and enzymes for life – fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts in their natural form, as well as germs, fresh spices, wild and sea plants, dried fruits. This food has not been thermally treated at temperatures over 48°C. The raw food centre Fresh4you is perfect for all lovers of light and healthy raw food.

More information on LifeClass Hotels & Resorts website.

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