20 selected destinations competed for the title “Best European Destination 2015”. During the three weeks’ period of online voting, 244,696 votes have been submitted. Ljubljana received 13,114 votes and ranked 7th with this result.

Bordeaux got the first place, followed by Lisbon, Athens, Valetta, Riga, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Innsbruck, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Rome, Barcelona, Istanbul and Madrid.

Social media comments on Ljubljana:

“Ljubljana is like a beautiful girl you would have fallen in love with and would like to keep for yourself. Obviously I’m not the only one who fell under its spell and I am happy that more and more visitors enjoy to discover this exceptional and unique destination.”

“I’m sure it will be a favourite destination for travellers around the world because Ljubljana offers something more, something different, Slovenia is an amazing country to be discovered.”

[Source: www.kongres-magazine.eu]

European Best Destinations is a travel organization based in Brussels and developed to promote culture and tourism in Europe. It works close together with the participating tourism offices.

Please read more about it on www.kongres-magazine.eu.

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