Faroe Islands – meet Annleyg Lamhauge at IMEX and set up an appointment now!

Due to the total Solar Eclipse, which happened in the Faroe Islands on March 20, there was an international run of media to the islands to watch the darkness to descend upon this hidden gem in the North Atlantic. Over 11000 people all over the world travelled to the Faroe islands to experience this natural phenomenon.

This has left our colleagues at Visit Faroe Islands very busy (in a very good way), but has limited their resources for other activities. Yet, now they are ready to join IMEX and looking forward to receiving a lot of buyers at their stand no. F240. Make an appointment with Visit Faroe Islands now!

As a buyer you have to log in and then use the link to get on the exhibitor page of Faroe Islands. There is a button for “make an appointment”! and here you go 🙂

Profit from this opportunity to get to know this unknown meetings destination, an off the beaten track option for people looking for something new and completely different.

The top 3 reasons for people coming to the Faroe Islands are:

1. Nature
The Faroe Islands has unique scenery. A combination of hard rocks, velvety green grass, and dramatic waterfalls. A stunning picture painted in green and blue colors, where your eyes can stretch from the top of a mountain over the endless surrounding ocean at any one time.

2. The Island Culture
The Faroe Islands are remote and isolated, and so the ocean has served as a great defense against dilution of the islands’ original culture. There are many wonderful examples of the original culture. For instance the national costume and the language rooted in the Nordic languages – but a very unique language in its own right.

3. The Authenticity
As a business traveler you can experience the same food, drink the same coffee and buy the same brands as in the same concept stores in most of the world. But as many destinations seem to be getting more alike, the contrast to the Faroe Islands becomes even greater. There is no pre-determined route, no fence to stand behind and no plastic signs telling you what to see and feel. Absorbing reality, as it is in the Faroe Islands, almost forces you to look within yourself to discover who YOU really are.

More information on www.visitfaroeislands.com/meetings.

Your contact person at Visit Faroe Islands:
Annleyg Lamhauge
Mice Marketing Manager
Phone: +298 556136

Your contact at tmf dialogue marketing:
Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
tel. +49 (0)931 9002 114