1.Turning Torso

The building everyone is talking about! The building measures 190 metres in height and has certainly put Malmö on the map. Read more about Turning Torso

 2. Stapelbäddsparken

It’s raw, there are plenty of people about and you can skateboard. That’s Malmö. On the way to Turning Torso be sure to stop off at Malmö’s premier skateboarding venue. Read more about Stapelbäddsparken.

Stapelbäddsparken, Western Harbour; Photographer: Peter Kroon

 3. Lilla Torg

Enjoy a coffee, relax with a drink before moving on to a club or just people-watch. Lilla Torg is a large outdoor area that is home to several of Malmö’s best known restaurants and clubs. Read more about Lilla Torg

Kings Square; Photographer: Fredrik Johansson

4. Malmöhus Castle

Several of Malmö’s major museums are housed within these historic walls. These are Malmö Art Museum, the City Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium. Bring the whole family and discover something new!

Malmöhus Castle; Photographer: Johanna Rylander/Malmö Museer

 5. Kallbadhuset

Relax in the wood-fired sauna or go saltwater swimming all year round. People come here from all over Malmö. Enjoy the fantastic views of the Sound, swim and then get a coffee in the popular café. Find out more about Kallbadhuset

Kallbadhuset Ribersborg, Öresund bridge; Photographer: Oskar Falck

6. Möllevångstorget

There are 174 countries represented in Malmö and they all come together in Möllevångstorget. Here, for example, you can buy spices from Iraq at bargain prices, get delicious stuffed peppers from corner shops, and eat Chinese dumplings. More about restaurants located around Möllevångstorget

Möllevångstorget; Photographer: Werner Nystrand

7. Malmö Arena

Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern multi-purpose concert and event facilities. Malmö Arena is a premier venue in the Öresund Region for world-class sporting events, concerts, family shows, full-scale conferences and smaller meetings, including wining and dining or a quick snack. Click here to find out more about the Malmö Arena. 

Malmö Arena; Photographer: Fredrik Johansson


Source and information: Malmö Convention Bureau

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