Why the slogan “Slovenian energy, fresh ideas”? What is so special about Slovenia? We spoke with Miha Kovačič, Director of Slovenian Covention Bureau, about these and further topics. 

1. You’re online with so many novelties, under the motto “Slovenian energy, fresh ideas”. What are the ideas behind the slogan?

Despite Slovenia being on the international market place for few decades, it is still regarded as an emerging destination. We definitely consider this as a positive feature as clients are always looking for new destinations and new experiences. When we have carefully analysed and studied who we are and what we do, we realised that Slovenian energy is one of our main Unique Selling Points. The word love in our country name says something as well. When you come to Slovenia for the first time you are surprised about your positive experience. Somehow you connect with Slovenia and you don’t want to let it go. We are lucky that the country connects the Mediterranean, Alpine and continental part of Europe. There are so many opportunities that enable attendees to get new ideas and to recharge.

2. Why do you point out the energy part – what are you doing differently from other destinations?

Interestingly that the energy idea was not proposed by a marketing agency or similar. The whole Slovenian meetings industry gathered at the annual event and we were brainstorming for the whole day what sets us apart from others. We studied our history, experiences, clients and colleagues and realised that our dedication for the success of each event and making every effort necessary to satisfy even the most demanding client and meeting participant is based on “energy”. We are all doing that with a natural smile on our face.

I think this is also part of our Slavic culture. Our neigbouring countries are Italy and Austria but also Hungary and Croatia. Influences from these countries made us as we are today. As we are a small country with only 2 million inhabitants we learned that we have to adapt quickly and to be proactive in order to be able to compete with the big countries.

We are doing that with a passion for success.

3. What are the goals for 2015?

We are a quite ambitious group of people. Our goal for this year is to raise the awareness of Slovenia as a meetings and incentive travel destination among European meeting planners. We have invited on board top international professionals from our industry. With their knowledge and experiences we will make a step towards that. In addition we are learning to use the most sophisticated digital tools that enable us to get the message across. In addition we are going to organise exclusive networking events in our main European countries. The next events are in Munich, April 15 and Zurich, April 16.

4. How effectively does the SCB use Social Media to spread its ideas?

Social Media are definitely fantastic tools to send the message / story to your target group. If it is of high quality it will have viral effect. It will generate also direct business to the story teller.

Our industry is the communication and experience industry. As a destination marketing organisation it enables us to communicate and share who we are and what we do in an informal way. Social media enables meeting planners and meeting participants to share their experiences when attending their events. This is fantastic marketing and honestly the most valuable.

I believe that Social Media will become an even more important communication tool in the future in our business.

If you are interested in organising your next event in Slovenia, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to support you!

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