Out of 106 Italian provincial capital municipalities, Milan has been confirmed as the smartest city of the country.

After analyzing statistical indicators in Economy, Living, Environment, People, Mobility, Governance and Legality, ICityRate 2016 confirms Bologna in second place, while Venice overtakes Florence in third place.

Gianni Dominici, Director of Forum PA and head of the research states: “ICityRate sets out to measure, together with the quality of urban living, the capacity of the cities to focus on long-term goals by making choices and investments that aim at new drivers of development. The paradigm of Smart City in recent years has ever increasingly more shifted the stress from technological innovation to social innovation, to co-design, and to the management of common assets. The European strategies concerning new planning have gone in this direction, and local policies are likewise going in this direction.”

Milan shines in the Economy sector. It registers the highest value added per capita, the most patents, the most favoured location for head offices of large-scale businesses, but also has witnessed the development, in recent years, of the greatest number of F.A.T. Labs and MakerSpaces. Digital artisans choose Milan thanks to the offer of new opportunities based on a model of urban innovation that favors forms of sharing economy and social innovation, with space concession, economic support to projects and firms, the creation of networks of innovators, and new urban policies.

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