About a week ago, I wrote an article about the NZ Hi-Tech Awards taking place May 11-12th. Today, it’s time to talk about another great event celebrating great kiwi tech ingenuity. Techweek 2017 is coming this May 6-14th! (Yes, it overlaps with the Hi-Tech Awards but don’t worry, there is enough time to attend the Hi-Tech Gala Dinner as well as Techweek!)

Last year, Techweek took place in Auckland and attracted upwards of 10,000 visitors. It spanned over 10 days and hosted 55 events. This year, the creators decided to turn it into a national event.

Techweek 2017 will host more than 100 events covering topics such as equality in tech, scaling impact, the next generation, the environmental shift, and the future of food. Auckland will remain the featured city, with partner cities located around the country.

The creators of Techweek hope the event boosts New Zealand’s appearance as the up-and-coming international tech hub.

Click here to learn more about Techweek, see the schedule, and book tickets!

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