While we were chatting, listening (!) and gossiping along during the recent Welcome Reception of Conventa in the grand Ballroom of Grand Union Hotel in the centre of the city, Andrea Baumgartner from Element Natur agency mentioned how nice it would be to ask that flower standing on the table in the end of such an evening, as she (the flower) might get a very special pick on what kind of people are part of the meetings industry! I thought that it’s a brilliant idea to look at a decoration flower’s viewpoint and therefore I asked her (the flower) for an interview, following the reception on Tuesday, 19 January.

Could you please shortly introduce yourself and tell us about your position?

My name is Margarita. On the picture I am the one on the left, stretching the neck, as I am listening to this interesting crowd tonight. I am extremely proud to have been selected as part of a beautiful centre piece of flowers to decorate the bar tables during an obviously very important reception for people from around the world and I took the utmost effort to bloom and shine at my best! I was selected to add even more splendor to an otherwise perfect space, the Ballroom at the prestigious Grand Hotel Union. Our sales manager Nuša was hand-picking me to match the ambience! She’s got such a taste! And our CEO Tomo was taking every effort to make sure that the evening is going well, because there are so many event organizers there and he wants them all to come to his hotel with their groups in the future!

I am a bit exhausted from the chatter in this crowd, but am happy to share some of my observations about the different folks that were using “my” table for chatting, eating, drinking, holding on to it and giving me some insights on how this meetings industry is ticking!

This sounds very interesting indeed! Can you share some of the gossip with us?

Some of the gossip was about the nice looking women in the room, particularly about the local ladies. It seems to me that some women from other countries, who obviously are here to visit Slovenia and Ljubljana, are a bit jealous on our Slovenian ladies being so thin and elegant! But they also find some things a bit over the top .….Many of the guests were discussing their strategies on how to best get in touch with what they identified as the opinion leaders in the room; conversations include “that man over there with the cardigan, who seems to be very happy, who is that?” (Zoran Janković, Mayor of Ljubljana) and “who can introduce me to these important people of SITE“ (I don’t know what that SITE thing means, but it seems to be a VIP bunch of people, as everyone is around them like bees around us flowers, especially that vivid Indian man seems to have a lot of fans and he seems to make good jokes) or, “have to stop drinking that great wine now, I need to make some business tomorrow, and wow, I did not know that Miha Kovačič has a twin brother (He hasn’t, for those who are not sure about my jokes, they can be a bit strange says my husband ).

Did you like the people in this crowd?

Well, I guess yes I did. Even though some of them seem to be very critical with their buddies – they all seem to understand something about the organization of such events, so some people thought they can do much better…. A bit of nagging about the sound and tone (which indeed could have been better), a lack of chairs to sit comfortably with a glass of wine (which I understood from some others that this is not the purpose of such an event). On the other side, everyone was obviously impressed about the location and happy about the taste of the wines and the food – I saw many interesting plates full with different food items and glasses changing between Champagne, red and white wine fillings. What is really striking about the group is the noise they can produce! And everybody seems to know everybody else – that is quite unique!
I wonder how many different languages have been used tonight… my head is humming and my petals are starting to hang…. I need to go to sleep now, so I might have another chance to catch up with some of them tomorrow again over breakfast…

Thank you for that special interview! Have a good nights rest and don’t share your views with anyone else, please, I want exclusivity!

Johanna Fischer
managing director
tmf dialogue marketing