Europe visited by every top MICE planner at least once in the last 2 years!

Unique Learnings for Destinations from newer / emerging MICE markets (with a focus on research from the Indian market)

Top Finding:

– 30 leading corporations + intermediary planners had taken at least 1 MICE group to Europe in the last 2 years.
– Majority of these groups had visited Europe within 2015 and over 60% had visited Europe more than once this year.
– Top cities visited include: Paris, Rome, Prague, London, Amsterdam
– Top countries visited include: Switzerland, Italy, France, UK, Czech Republic, Spain
– Newer / Exciting Destinations included: Austria, Germany, Hungary and Turkey

Click here to see detailed analysis and all destinations in Europe visited by the sample size + to understand the reason why a destination is selected by top Experiential Planners.

This research report and finding is the exclusive rights of tmf dialogue marketing India.

We encourage European destinations to get in touch with Indian planners – they are on the lookout for building up personal connections with European and global destinations – particularly from mentioned countries! tmf dialogue India offers a great mix of tools to reach out to the market – with our annual handbook and digital newsroom, a roadshow in April through several Indian cities and the new Experiential Planner exhibition at the famous WOW Awards – a glamorous opportunity to showcase destinations to the top Indian Event planners!

Johanna Fischer
Managing Director
tmf dialogue marketing