RENT-A-RESORT, the only venue finder specialized in exclusive hotel resorts rentals, offers amazing RENT-A-RESORT DEALS. One of the hotels which you can rent exclusively is Ilirija Resort in Croatia.

Ilirija Resort is situated right on the coast, in the centre of Biograd na Moru, incorporating numerous beaches and pristine nature. The Resort’s offer represents a unique Mediterranean experience presented through a comprehensive approach, keeping in mind all your needs and in accordance with the most modern principles of sustainable business!

Among hotels and villas, you can enjoy the sea view, the sun and the coast whose design is replicated in the interior of the hotels and its facilities, thus creating exceptional unity with the environment. Through numerous additional activities organized for you in untouched nature, you can discover the indulgent side of the Biograd and Zadar Rivieras and experience the ancient Croatian history in unique ambience while enjoying authentic and original cuisine.

Recently, a group of 150 employees from a corporate company spent three days at the Resort for meetings and an incentive programme. They were accommodated in Hotel Ilirija****.

Mirela Raznjevic, from the Sales & Marketing department of Ilirija Resort reports:

“Our guests had a good time at our Resort. The program was specially organized for the client. On their second day, they spent an unforgettable day at the event ship Nada! Our special Kornati cruise offered a complete and distinct experience of these magical islands: secluded coves, hundred meters tall cliffs, traces of Byzantine forts and a fishermen’s consecrated church from the 15th century. The highlight was a glamorous Dalmatian dinner.

On the third day we organized a day trip to Zadar – the Millennial capital of Dalmatia. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful towns of the Adriatic, the richest in terms of history, monuments and anecdotes. Our guests explored the remains of the Roman Forum, the Church of St. Donat, and Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance walls, churches, streets and squares. They could convince themeselves of the elegance and the grace of the town which served as the capital of Dalmatia from the 7th century to the World War I. In the evening the guests had a gala dinner and party at the center of Zadar, in the big historical monument called Arsenal.

This was only a short excerpt from the program: There is much more our guests can experience at our Resort.”


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