We are happy to present you the first partner of the project “Slovenian Energy – the secret for your meetings and incentives”: Sava Hotels & Resorts. Sasa Zor, Director of Sales – MICE, answered our three questions.

1. Tell us something we don’t know about Slovenia and that you think is of interest to international planners.

We have some interesting facts about Slovenia:

  • Slovenia is the only country in the world which has a word LOVE in its name
  • There are only about 2 million people living in Slovenia
  • Young country: Slovenia declared independence from Yugoslavia on 25th June 1991
  • Very diverse: There are 12 statistical regions in Slovenia and each of them has different dialect, customs and food
  • Green country: 60% of Slovenia is covered with forests
  • Beautiful nature: Slovenia is home to 260 waterfalls and 216 square km of vineyards
  • Great passion for culinary: Slovenia has lots of quirky food festivals including the Salt Makers’ Festival, Cabbage Festival, Chestnut Sunday and Bean Day …
  • Old Vine in Maribor is over 400 years old and the oldest vine in the world
  • Some scenes from The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian were filmed in Slovenia’s Soca Valley
  • Bled Golf Course is the oldest in Slovenia, dating back to 1937

2. Could you please describe Slovenia in five words?

Boutique, diverse, charming, developing, green

3. What example in your specific MICE offer is adding a particularly energizing element to programs

Herbal Garden initiative

Imagine receiving an email like: “Dear business client, we invite you to plant a seed of our potential cooperation in a clay pot. Consequently, herbal garden will be made and your herbs will be used daily by our chefs to season the dishes. Contribute to Bled destination making it even greener, re-visit us to pick your herbs and become an ambassador of social responsibility.”

Herbal Garden ©Sava Hotels & Resorts
Herbal Garden ©Sava Hotels & Resorts

A Story behind: To choose Bled and Sava Hotels Bled for a meeting means choosing a green meeting and including social responsibility. In the hope that business clients want to do something good for the environment, leave their mark on the destination, plant the seeds of good cooperation and lastly, re-visit us in Bled, the idea of “Herbal Garden” was launched.

The “Herbal Garden” is not a one-off activity; rather, it is an indirect way of creating synergy between business clients and the hotel staff. Once again, we have proven that if people become interactively involved in an activity, they adopt it fully and identify with it. At the same time, a friendly invitation for clients to visit “their” herbal garden in Bled and literally pick the herbs, is much more exciting and effective than traditional sales push messages. When it comes to the hotel staff, there are several departments involved in this activity – the sales department takes care of the communication with clients and guides them through the activity, the housekeeping transplants herbs from pots to the garden, the kitchen regularly uses fresh herbs in the dishes, etc. – ongoing internal communication is though essential.

But it is also the “Herbal Garden” activity that we have had plenty of laughs about: “The sales department is going to plant flowers again,” our colleagues teased us 🙂

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Miha Kovačič
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