Water plays an important role in the community’s supply services, as well as a major role in tourism, recreational activities and nature preservation. Slovenia is such a land of water, being one of Europe’s richest countries in terms of the volume of river water per capita. It ranks third in the EU (after Finland and Sweden).

Healing springs, a long held tradition in Slovenia

Slovenian people have always had a respectful attitude towards water and especially to those with attributed healing properties. For example, legends say that Count’s Water, originated in the village of Gabrje near Tolmin may prevent diseases and be a true elixir of health and youthfulness. Frequenting healing springs has thus a very long tradition among Slovenians.

From legend to science

The growing awareness, increasing green oriented attitudes, concern for sustainable development and interest in a return to nature, have brought water knowledge to the spotlight.

Well-known expert Joze Munih, one of the top connaisseurs of Slovenian water, wrote “The healing water springs” and “The geometry of the triangle”, which both claim that chlorinated tap water is valueless in terms of energy, as chlorine kills the micro-organisms that give water added value. He also stated that water from pvc bottles is incomparable with spring water.

According to the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology of the University of Ljubljana, the springs in Naskova in the Goričko Landscape park is actually the best mineral water in Slovenia.

Water and congresses

Ljubljana is well-known for its rich supply of high quality drinking water and has already won the title of European Green Capital 2016 for its sustainable projects on water protection. Here you can read more about a great initiative at the GR Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Center, where, during the Lepton Photon Congress, the participants were provided with free glass bottles and encouraged to refill them, both to enjoy the good Slovenian water and to reduce waste.

A country of thermal and mineral water springs

There are currently fifteen health and tourist resorts in Slovenia, all of which are certified natural health spas. The health resort town of Rogaška Slatina, has a well-known mineral water therapy tradition spanning four hundred years. The health resort flourished in the second half of the 19th century, when it became one of the most eminent European health tourism destinations. Today, Rogaška Slatina is a modern health resort town, embodying fitness and health. Other popular health regions in Slovenia are Čatež, Radenci and Podčetrtek.

There are also 300 amazing waterfalls in Slovenia and most of them can be found in in the Soča River area and in the Triglav National Park!

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