We are happy to present you the second partner of the project “Slovenian Energy – the secret for your meetings and incentives”: Union Hotels Ljubljana. Here are the answers to our three questions, provided by Nuša Šolar, Event Manager at Union Hotels Ljubljana.

1. Tell us something we don’t know about Slovenia and that you think is of interest to international planners.

  • Nobody can spell Slovenia without Love
  • The special geographical and climatic variety and diversity of Slovenia allows us that one day, in the morning, you can pick autumn fruits, in the afternoon bathe in the Adriatic Sea, in the evening go night skiing and then bathe and relax in the spa. All this without magic and with the usual means of transport.
  • Slovenia people have increased awareness about environmental problems. About 270,000 volunteers participated in the clean-up action in Slovenia (Let’s clean Slovenia to make a nicer world)
  • Slovenia is also a land of forests. More than 56% of Slovenia is covered with forest and is still increasing. That makes this beautiful green country one of the three most forested countries in Europe!
  • Visitors of the biggest jump in the world – Slovenian Planica so far saw more than sixty world records in ski jumping and ski flying
  • Slovenian Philharmonic Orchestra, founded in 1701 as the Academia Philharmonicorum, is one of the oldest musical institutions in Europe. It’s honorary members included many famous composers such as Haydn, Beethoven and Brahms … Gustav Mahler conducted the orchestra in 1881/82!
  • 216 km² of Slovenia are covered by vineyards

2.Could you please describe Slovenia in five words?

Inspiring, Charming, Lively, Colourful, Safe

3. What example in your specific MICE offer is adding a particularly energizing element to programs?

Baking “potica” with internationally acclaimed master chef’s supervision

Under the guidance of Grand hotel Union chef Janez Dolšak, who heads the Slovenian national cooks’ team, participants learn to bake the potica.

This traditional cake, found in almost every home during all major holidays, is prepared with a variety of fillings, the walnut one being among the favourites.

The first task is to prepare the dough and the filling, which takes 1.5 hours. About the same time is needed for the dough to rise, during which participants have time at leisure (short city tour, a visit to the open market, or just coffee or cocktail break). In the last hour, the cake is placed in a traditional ceramic mould and then into a pre-heated oven.

The potica moulds and the recipe are presented to participants in memory of a “mission accomplished”, allowing everyone to repeat the baking experience once back home.

Your contact at Union Hotels Ljubljana:
Nuša Šolar
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Miha Kovačič
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