We are happy to present you a new partner of the project “Slovenian Energy – the secret for your meetings and incentives”: KOMPAS DMC. Here are the answers to our three questions, provided by Ms. Ksenija Sterle, Meetings & Incentives Manager at Kompas.

1. Tell us something we don’t know about Slovenia and that you think is of interest to intl. planners.

  • Water can be drinkable directly from the tap.
  • Polka song titled “Na Golici” (or “Trumpet Echoes” in English) from Avsenik’s Band is considered the second played song, right after the song “Yesterday” from Beatles.
  • More than 200 bear families found home in Slovenia’s forest.
  • In Planica is one of the largest ski jumping hill in the world.
  • The Karst presents a distinctive type of earth with special karstic phenomena getting the name after the region Kras.
  • HINT: When locals invite you to have a drink or a dinner at their home do take slippers with you. 🙂

2. Could you please describe Slovenia in five words?

Gorgeous Romantic Extraordinary Easygoing Natural

3. What example in your specific MICE offer is adding a particularly energizing element to programs

When talking about specific and energetic MICE events we also have in mind the energy between us, personal relationships and feelings.

In May 2015, Kompas organized LCC (Lufthansa City Centre) Regional Meeting Eastern Europe 2015.
Almost 100 attendees joined the largest Regional Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia – hosted by the second eldest LCC in the network, LCC Kompas d.d. that celebrated 20th anniversary in 2014.

Kompas as a global travel agency understands and knows its responsibility for the world – for those in need. With our big pleasure we have joined the LCC CSR (corporate social responsibility) project. When searching for a non-governmental, voluntary, philanthropic and non-profitable organization with different programmes for children and their parents in need we have chosen Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth (ZPMS).

Kompas and LCC business partners made an important step at the meeting. As the representatives of ZPMS organization pointed out, it was the first time in history they got so much help/donation for Slovenian children from foreign companies.

With this generous support of all LCC attendees, this money created a smile on the faces of kids in Slovenia.

Your contact at Kompas d. d.
Ksenija Sterle
Meetings & Incentives Manager
tel: + 386 1 2006 174

Your contact at Slovenian Convention Bureau:
Miha Kovačič
tel. +386 1 569 1260

Your contact at tmf dialogue marketing:
Ulrike Kiesel
Project Manager Content & PR
tel. +49 (0)931 9002 114