How do you land in the middle of a perfect event, the kind you know will be long remembered by all those lucky to attend it? A fully chartered cruise ship is one of the ways in which that is bound to happen.

RENT-A-CRUISE, your venue finder specialized in cruise charters, is the perfect answer.

RENT-A-CRUISEJust think about it: everyone will have a great time because it is very hard to go wrong with the sea, a beautiful ship, food, entertainment and exclusive company. The ways in which you can personalize the experience on board are countless and adding up to the impression. If you are planning a corporate event for example, some really great ideas are dress codes or announcing messages for your passengers, having a logo on board and personalizing the ship as part of your corporate identity, not to mention the fact that you can choose your entertainment preferences and even the itineraries.

From large cocktails and weddings, to themed parties and team buildings, it is sure you will receive great feedback from your guests.

The good news: while securing a full ship charter is very difficult in general, RENT-A-CRUISE makes this as easy as it gets. You can find here boats from 32 cabins to 300 and even more.

You can enjoy your group’s privacy and freedom and the RENT-A-RESORT team will help you to find the right cruise ship for your event at the most favourable conditions.

Simply fill out our request for proposal and we will come back to you with a quote tailored to your needs. Have a look at the possibilities here.

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